Monday, May 02, 2011

First Grown up tooth making its way.....

Tucker , as you all know, has caps on his baby teeth. It was odd a few weeks ago when the one on the bottom row started protruding outward. I thought he must have gotten it caught on something when he was eating. Well, yesterday I noticed a part of a tooth behind the protruding silver cap. PANIC....thinking his cap has slipped off the tooth exposing it. I couldn't get close enough to check it all out. I got the camera out to try to take a picture and then, and only then, did I get to see exactly what was going on. (it was a game to take a picture of his mouth--with his mouth completely over the camera lens--no good pictures of course) His tooth, BIG tooth, is coming in behind the capped one making it protrude outward. It is loose, the capped one that is, and will be falling out soon. Hunter and Todd tried all night to get their hands in there to wiggle it free but he wasn't having it. I have corn on the cob to make this week, maybe that will do the trick.

We were told his big teeth were atleast a year away when we had dental surgery. So I just wasnt expecting to see that tooth coming in. I sure am glad that is what is going on..I cant imagine the pain he would be going through if that tooth was exposed without the cap on it. OUCH.

So the tooth fairy might be visiting Tucker soon. How exciting right!

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kim said...

Thanking God Tucker is here and growing up, my kids losing baby teeth was a little bitter sweet, not anymore 100% celebration! Way to go Tucker, we love you!