Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at my house

I am hosting Easter lunch this year. I think I have enough food and goodies for all. I spent today cooking homemade (from scratch) rolls, 3 dozen...cupcakes, rice crispy treats, jello salad, devil'd eggs, and brisket. The eggs are filled and ready for hiding....PLEASE let the rain hold off!

Tomorrow we clean, or at least make presentable, the rest of the house. I am very excited this year. I love cooking and hosting get togethers...don't get me wrong, I don't have to host all the time but I do so enjoy it. The preparation and the little extras make me warm and fuzzy inside. (even if they go unnoticed by others) Like the crispy treats...I tried to replicate those that my grandmother made when she was alive. A few of us are fuzzy on some of the details but we know it was either a bird nest with jelly bean eggs, or a basket with a marshmallow bunny stuck in the middle. SOOO, I tried to do both. The cupcakes, I whipped the icing and stuck in a piping bag to try to make them look like those on the Food Network channel....I lack the skill but I was very happy with them. It is amazing how just a little whip in the mixer and a piping bag instead of a knife makes a big difference. (makes it look like I did something spectacular) --as my husband would say, just dont break your arm patting yourself on the back. (I am just excited is all)

Happy Easter everyone! May the sun shine and the kids find lots of candy filled eggs.

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