Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ugh....sorry so long to update

Lets see. Another year started and it is flying by like all the others. Tucker has dental surgery on Tuesday. We aren't sure what time yet but will get the phone call the night before. We will be admitted at CMH for it and hopefully be let right back out afterwards. We are unsure what to expect, we know he had 6 cavities over 6 months ago. So they are planning on taking care of his entire mouth while they have him sedated. IF it entails pulling/capping/crowning or whatever, it will be done then.

I have been scrapbooking finally. Got all Tucks birthdays done and am working in his Preschool/Daycare book now trying to get it up to date before he goes into Kindergarten next year. WOW!! It has been fun to look back at all that he has gone through. It is amazing everything that went on, and believe if or not I had forgotten some of it. The nutritionist coming every week to get us off the feeding tube, the broken out cheeks from the feeding tube, the tear duct that was clogged and made his eye look so bad. It is a great blessing to look back and see where Tucker is you can see in the picture, he is being a typical, dare devil of a toddler. AND it is so fun, and challenging and GREAT! ( yup his camping chair is sitting on top of the ROCKING chair)

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