Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dental surgery

Well,,,lets see. Tuck did great but his teeth were in bad repair. SO, we lost our front two, they got pulled since there was not enough good tooth to hold a crown. He had several filled and I believe it is 6 crowns done. Crowns with white fronts on the top, silver crowns everywhere else. He is very cranky today but I think tylenol will hold him over. He keeps putting his hands in his mouth saying OWEEEE.

It was an early morning. Had to be at Mercy at 6am for 730am surgery. We go back in 6 months as long as we dont have any issues before then. No more sticky foods--fruit snacks and laffy taffy being some of his favs. Darn it....but I dont want a crown to fall off.

So, if you enlarge these pictures you will see his mouth filled with dental work. Poor baby.

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martha brown said...

Poor lil man