Sunday, September 05, 2010

What a weekend....

Man how I LOVE long weekends. Here it is Sunday night and I still have another day off. We have played at the park, painted things around the house, got the basement cleaned up and a little bit of cleaning. (more to come tomorrow, cleaning that is)

Tucker turns 5 years old this Saturday! We had a cardiology follow up this week. Tucker's heart is working wonderfully. Both sides have normal pressures. He was taken off his last med from our Boston trip. He is 3'1 and weighs in at 36 pounds. We will stay on 1/2 a baby asprin to keep blood thin for the mitral valve "smaller" left side. It will be watched but not as closely as before. We dont have to go back for 9 months now!!!! It is amazing the transformation Tucker has undergone this last year. It was a stressful, bumpy, rollercoaster of a ride....but a ride that gives me a high everyday living with my amazing son!

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