Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Tucker......


Today Tuck had treats at daycare with his friends....this will be his last birthday with them. He turns 5 tomorrow and will be going to school all day next school year. Can you believe it..... 5 years old!!! When he was born we had no idea how long we would get to have him with one could tell us. It is amazing to look back and even more amazing to look forward at all that he will do.

Thank you everyone for loving our Tucker boy!


Lynn said...

awesome! I have been thinking about you all. Yesterday I was just telling the kids today was his birthday! CAN'T believe he's 5 already. What a gift! Miss you guys!

Yamilka Castillo said...

Happy,Happy Bday Tucker...I am so Happy God has blessed you with an awesome Family, but most important has given you another miracle of having Five Years with them..We are very grateful having you as our family (heart family) Love You and May God Bless you in giving you many more birthday and treats to come!