Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good weekend....

Todd has been at his moms building a deck all weekend, oh and changing a toilet, putting in a new stove and hooking up water to her existing frig. While he has been gone, I got to hang with my bestest bud Carla and her girls....we did hair and some fancy toenail paint jobs. (I was in desperate need since my polish on my toes is from....yes, gross and sad but true, our Boston trip a year ago) Thank you Carla. Inbetween girl time, I got Tucker and Hunter's school shoes, smoked some ribs, painted and cleaned out some stuff that was causing CLUTTER, oh and mowed the front yard. I havent even gotten to the upstairs yet....UGH, I guess I will finish my house cleaning next weekend of during the week sometime.

Hunter starts school on Tuesday. Tucker starts a week from tomorrow. Hunter will continue to work the weekends at subway and has been asked to watch the neighbor kids for 1-1.5 hours each day after school for another 75.00 every two weeks. That will be nice since it doesnt intail us toting her there. It is a big responsibility though because she has to remember that she has to be home right after school until she is done....which means no after school activities.

Now for the best news of the weekend. While I was picking up the doggy du du in the back yard tonight Tucker was on his powerwheel motorcycle and he was turning the wheel to make a turn before he hit the fence.!!! As long as we yelled to turn the wheel, he would turn....what a site to see him driving the length of the yard to turn and come back!!! That sooooo beats running along side of him to make the turn for him before he hit whatever was coming in his way.

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