Monday, April 05, 2010

Update tidbits....

Tucker had his first Easter egg hunt, on Easter and it was OUTSIDE with all the other cousins.

We saw the Easter Bunny.

We have our first Young Athletes activity tonight at 5pm for the Special Olympics. (yeah)

Hunter turns 15 this week....UGH. (yup license taking this week as well)

Painting has started in the house this weekend. The hallways were the first to get tackled and I am happy to report that they are just about finished. Then it is on to the kitchen. (flat paint and Tucker prints dont go well, so satin/washable conversion going on)

We are enjoying the nice weather and being able to let Tuck play outside, in the sand and grass. He has bruises all over his little legs from doing the normal kid stuff, like falling down and climbing. BUT oh what a see him fall, get back up and keep going. (usually there is a cry and a kiss for the booboo before going again but the changes in this boy are amazing)

Pictures and more on the tidbits later.

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