Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another weekend...come and gone

Hunter had her birthday overnight campout. Little sleep but fun. I think they had a good time. You never know about these girls at this age, they never seem excited or show a bunch of gratitude. (hmmmm what is that anyway?)

I finished the painting of the barn that Todd's uncle made for Tucker. SO darn cute right? Perfect for him to play with, big enough to fit things inside that aren't exactly "barn" material but hey whatever works right.

Tucker is growing so fast, so is Hunter for that matter. I make her mad on a daily basis...teenagers!! I caught Tucker sitting at the table today, playing with his cars as I was cleaning the floor. He used the bar stools and anything else that was within reach to put them in and out, up and down. He played for about 30 minutes doing this. He is growing so fast. OH and he took his nap in his bed today! Usually it is in ours but I am going to try to break the habit of him being in our bed. Day one.....we will see how tonight goes.

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