Monday, April 26, 2010


I took the pattern provided by Family Fun magazine and adjusted to fit our personalities....I love how the green one turned out. I am going to have to work on the yellow one still. I thought it could be a bee but it isnt right I will add some more eyes and make it an alien too.
You are supposed to sew the zipper on to the 2 liter bottom, however after sewing one together I have a thumb with a great big blister on it. So I hot glued the zipper on the green one, which worked really good until I got it all over the actual zipper part and got the zipper stuck. It definately wont hold up as long as sewing but long enough I think to get the use out of it. I love hot easy and works for so many things.
So what will we use them for? Pretzels, cars, dry cereal...whatever we want to carry in it. I thought initially that we would put things in them to save on the waste of the plastic baggies that we chips and such. I think it will be durable enough to throw into a back pack without losing anything off who knows what we will be putting in it. (and if we do lose an eye, hot glue that sucker right back on. hee hee)

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