Monday, February 15, 2010


OK. Review......Friday night not much, Todd worked and Hunter had a friend over. Saturday I went to get my mom and watched my brothers kids. Hunter built a fort (see picture above with Tucker and his dirty face), the kids played hard. We made sugar cookies, played cars...a little bit of everything. They stayed over night and were picked up the next morning. They were so good! Stryker, he is 1yo, went to bed at 7pm and was up at 530am. Such a good baby. Sophia and Tucker played together very well...both are a little bossy so it was push and pull sometimes but they worked it out.

Then Sunday I got my birthday present early, made steak/potatoes for dinner and Hunter went to her dads. Today I went to my sisters house and made Todd a blanket out of his old Harley shirts. It is almost ready to go to the quilter. It turned out nicely. Good thing Kelly knows how to sew and sew well because it definately wouldnt have looked this good with me sewing it. Thank you Kelly! (yup, if you blow up the picture of the blanket, Tucker isnt feeling too good. Poor runny eyes)

OK. So my present. Gotta tell you. This weekend Big Lots advertised the Cricut Create for $99.00. Walmart had it for $184.00...well Walmart will give you the advertised price if you take the ad in. So I did and got it for the $99.00. Big lots was completely sold out and had people at the doors waiting to get it to get it. And I just have to say I LOVE IT!!! It is prefect for scrapbooking, cards and such. I have been experimenting with it and am anxious for next weekend so I can scrapbook. Check it out on line if you havent heard of it before.....very cool! ( I had never had Walmart or any place else for that matter match a competitors price before...I just might have found a new budget cutter)


Anonymous said...

Such a cool idea for the shirts!!

I love price matching!

kimk said...

You stinker, you didnt tell me you had a b-day coming up!!!!
Happy Birthday, my friend! Sounds like you had a nice one. Hope Tucker is feeling better, poor baby!