Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr Independent.....

OMG.. Terrible two's at age 4!!!! YIKES. Mr "i want my own bowl, a big one like everyone else, one that breaks... Mr Independent.!!!! "I can do it, leave me alone, I want what I want when I want it...." OHHH MYYY!!

I printed 134 pictures this weekend. Got some put in books and the rest are sitting waiting.....waiting for the ambition to finish. I printed all of Tucker's first year, well I guess not all, I am missing his first 3 months after heart surgery when we were still in Mercy.....but I will print those soon so I can finish his baby book. I am on a "check it off my list" mood and need to get things done. And I cannot wait 'til spring!!! Todd and I scooped the driveway today, it will need it again by the end of all this snow. I am painting the Christmas bulbs I got at the end of last season, the shatterproof ones.....I got them in gold and am painting them John Deere yellow for Tuckers tree next year. The house stinks like paint......COME ON SPRING!!! (darn ground hog)

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