Monday, January 04, 2010

First signs of potty training....

Tucker is famous for pooping in the tub. Tonight, I saw him trying to do something, so out and onto the toilet we went. AND guess what....we pooped in the toilet. It wasnt big but it is something....and I am taking it. Maybe that will make it easier for him to realize what we do on the potty....time will tell. (We have sat on the potty several times, he usually straightens out and doesnt want anything to do with it. Tonight he didnt fight at all.)

They have already called school off for tomorrow due to the cold. They just might be out the rest of the week since tomorrow isnt going to be the coldest day this week. I hear that Friday it is supposed to be like -13 or something crazy like that...and snow again. I have to be honest, I like all the snow. We havent had this much snow in years. LET IT SNOW!!!

I am going to pull out our flash cards for Tuckers reading program and get them organized/ready to go. Hopefully it will help him at some point in time whether it is with reading or spelling or talking...wont hurt that is for sure.


Unknown said...

Go Tucker! That's awesome. Here's to good poopin'! I have to agree with you, I love the snow too!

Miss Lisa said...

Good job Tucker! Keep up the good work on Potty training!