Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I have much to be grateful for. I guess I should actually say I have much to be grateful for, not just for the things that have blessed us this year. I do however, want to touch on things that have touched our lives this year.

This year our baby boy received the best gift of all…the gift of a life without worry of a failing heart. A repair of his broken heart that now gives him oxygen to heal, oxygen to grow and energy to tackle anything he wants to tackle. We are grateful for Kim Knipp and her love for research, her determination to find better for her son, which gave us the opportunity to do the same. I am SO grateful for strangers, now friends. Strangers that sent us cards, packages and a whole lot of love while we were in Boston. Boston taught us a lot of things, mostly that people are good.

My heart is full today.

Today I got to drop Tucker off at daycare. He was pretty cranky this morning and didn’t want to go. Protesting all the way…no he didn’t want juice, no he didn’t want milk, no he didn’t want to go see Ryan. I loaded up the car and started it to take the chill off. As I came back inside Tucker was at the front door, hands and face on the glass looking out to see me. I don’t know what he was thinking but when I walked in the door, he was then ready to go. Coat on, hat on, backpack in tow…nothing in the way. We got in the car and the first thing he asks for is MUSIC, and loud!!! All the way to daycare he kept looking at me, if I shook my head at the music, he shook his head. IF I smiled he smiled….he kicked his feet to the music and when it stopped he asked for more.

You see….I get to take my son to school, he kicks his feet, he is moody, he smiles!! To some that is nothing special. To me, IT IS EVERYTHING!!

I want to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving


kimk said...

I remember a tearful post from you just before you guys headed to Boston, about Tucker kicking his feet to the music in the van.
Im so thankful too, that Tucker is a' Kickin' to the beat! Way to Rock Tucker! We love you!
Im so thankful for Debbie and Darla leading me to Boston, Im so Thankful for my Will, who does his own dance these days (lately he is into the chicken dance, and loves it when everyone in the room joins in!)
Im thankful that Will and Tucker can be buddies for a very long time...oh boy they are going to cause trouble as teens, arnt they?
Happy Thanksgiving Bryant Family, xoxox the Knipps

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you had to make us cry??....but so well said. Because of our little ones, we have so much to be thankful for including the fact that they are grumpy at times, happy at times, dance at times, cry at times, etc.... I could go on for hours. We are so thankful you all came into our lives during your stay at Boston and that for some reason we just felt drawn to your family. Looking forward to many years watching our boys grow up!!
Barb, Teresa, Cole, and now Syler & Andrew.