Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the halls....

Lets the tree up on the extended weekend. It was fluffed and lighted but missing the ornaments. Tucker, Hunter and I "decked" it out tonight. Tucker actually enjoyed helping.

This long weekend was exhausting. My dad came in from Texas and we spent the day with him at my sisters house (Thanksgiving day). It was so nice to lounge around and chat, play games and spend some quality time with everyone. Mom made an awesome dinner, as usual. Friday--Todd and I got out the Christmas lights and decorations. We got all the lights on the house...and actual found room for a few more strands than last year. Todd had rehearsal dinner for our Nieces wedding Friday night (he was the DJ). Saturday while getting ready for the wedding got a call that my mom had a spill and was being taken to the hospital via ambulance. Todd went on to the wedding, I went to the hospital. I missed the wedding but did make an appearance to give well wishes....Cortney looked like cinderella in her gown!! (gorgeous) Home at 630ish, put lights on the tree. Sunday was testing to see what exactly caused mom to pass out and fall. Nothing conclusive as of yet. She is alert and talking today...drinking her diet pepsi. (thank goodness)

I have rubbermaid tubs all over the house waiting to be put up. Christmas stuff everywhere waiting to find a home for the season. So tonight, I did get one tub emptied of the ornaments. Maybe by the weekend I will have them all empty and put back into then I can clean. (It is never ending isnt it? I was hoping it wasnt true, that a womens work is at some point done....but its not is it? I am sooo bummed)

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