Friday, October 02, 2009

A preview....

Well, it is 1045pm and I am finally sitting down. The tables are up in the garage, chairs all around. I will decorate tomorrow so as to keep it "fresh"..afraid it will fall down overnight. So much to do tomorrow to put finishing touches on everything...but I think we have covered everything. I hope we have a good turnout or else I am going to have TONS of food that we have to eat. The menu has brisket, ham, devil'd eggs, baked beans, pickles, little smokies, cheese dip and chips, chips and french onion dip, drinks and of course CAKE!!!

We had Alex tonight for a few hours. This was our first time having him over. He did really well, was quiet but very good. He didn't play much but it was his first time in our home, strange place. Maybe next time he will feel more at home. We did enjoy, however, taking his picture. (this was his first "play date" we took lots of pictures for Regina (mommy)
See my goodies on the table for the kids. I was so excited to find so many things that were dinosaur theme....I made the placemats out of paper I found, the name tags...Oriental trading rocks for neato crafts to do. The goodie bags have tatoos in them, a plastic dinosaur for each, candy and something else-I cant remember. I have bingo planned with some cool "winner" gifts.
See you ALL tomorrow!!! Good night...morning will come much too early.

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