Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bath time fun....

Tucker is getting better each day. More and more of his personality is coming through and he is really enjoying his bath once again. He only got to take one actual bath while in Boston and he hated every minute of it. He hasnt really wanted them much at home either but he did really well today, OK other than the pooping in the tub...but a good bleaching and we were washed and good to go. :)

We dont go back to cardiology until like the 8th of October. Nothing changed at last appointment. We will do an echo next time and an EKG, blood work again as well.

Tuck started back to school this week too....and he has fallen right back into it. Well, actually we have yet to get up on time but he enjoys being with his friends and riding the bus. Everyone missed him and cannot believe how different he looks. He has grown in height, 2'11 and weight, 32.9 oz. Can you believe that? Through all that he managed to GROW!! Another amazing feat.

Tuck is a little cranky right at the moment....holding onto my leg and whining. Better go and put him to bed. Thank you everyone for checking in on us.....HUGS to you all!!!!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

WOw, I can't believe how different he looks. Seriously, he's older. :)

And way to go on the growing, that's fabulous!

My name is Sarah said...

Ahhh bathtime is so much fun!!

Lacey said...

Great job Tucker. Keep up the good work.