Monday, September 07, 2009

Off and running....

Thank goodness for an extra day off. Back to work tomorrow.

Tucker woke up in a good mood and started right in playing with sissy. They have a tent made in the playroom and have played hide and seek. He took his medicine (covered in yogurt) well and the wake up at 3am for methadone is going good too. Today is our last day for ativan. Then we start weaning the methadone on the 9th. We didnt have to use oxygen last night. He stayed above 90, with the exception of a few dips but came right back up....YEAH! We will continue to monitor him, of course, but for now no oxygen. Tuck's eyes are red again this morning. I hope as the allergy medicine gets into his system it goes away. I will ask Dr K if that is anything i need to be concerned about. I dont think so as it was not like this in Boston....just as soon as we got off the plane in KC.

Tucker's birthday is Friday. We are going to do his party the first or second weekend in October. (invites will be going out in a week or so) He really needs to recover some more before we throw something like that at him. Todd's mom, Brett and Sheena will be up this weekend. I think we will have a small cake and celebrate a little bit, nothing fancy.

So glad to be home. I find myself watching him sleep, watching him breathe, watching his coloring....everything. Making sure I am not missing anything that being in the hospital would have caught. I am sure it will get better, and I will be able to relax as we get settled in more.


Cammie Heflin said...

So glad things are going well! Way to go Tucker!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!
The Estebans

Maggie Smithee said...

Welcome Home Bryant Family! What a great way to spend his birthday- at home, no hospitals, tubes, and fun playing! Glad things are going great and love seeing the new posts!