Sunday, September 06, 2009

1st Night in his own bed....

Tucker slept well last night, even with the 3am wake-up for his medicine. The oxygen tank gave us a little fit, but come to find out it was empty, so a replacement and we were good for the night. He did well, didnt want the oxygen or the sat monitor on but laid down and went to sleep. I think he is happy to be home...he dances ( a new version of dancing for him until strength is fully recovered) to Jacks big music show, he even got a bath this morning.

I didnt sleep well, went from our bed, to the spare bed, to Tuckers floor....scared we wouldnt hear the monitor, if the oxygen tank wasnt going to work, I was up and down checking everything....SO, have a headache today. Todd is off to work not a minute of rest! Right back to HELLO LIFE!!!

I will post pictures later. I have laundry staring me in the face and I have to sneak a diet pepsi or my headache is going to get worse. (Tucker is still fluid restricted and cannot have thin, so of course he wants what we have.....and he has definately got his temper back when he is told NO)

Thank you again everyone!!! We could not have done this journey without each one of you!


kimk said...

Thanks for taking time to update...have that pepsi and get your headache under control!!!
hope you can fit a really good nap in!
xoxo for all of you and extra big (((HUG))) for Tucker, we are so happy for you!

Miss Lisa said...

I remember Tucker from when I worked at NEEC. What a journey you guys have been on but its sounds like it was well worth it. Home sweet home, nothing like it. The first few nights are going to take some getting used to but you will eventually be on a routine and be able to get some sleep. Hang in there, it will get better.

Anonymous said...

Im happy to hear you are home!!!