Saturday, August 22, 2009

Superman again...

The doctors just finished with there rounds on Tucker. The plan is to keep him on the mask while sleeping and off while awake. No food or drink by mouth until after the swallow study on Monday. Doesn't anyone work weekends? Bet if they had kids that couldn't drink or eat anything for two days, they would be raising some cane. Poor guy keeps asking me for a drink. I have to hide anything that looks like a cup so he won't see it and point his little finger at it and say "drink?".

After our little incident yesterday, Tucker slept with the mask on and woke up in an amazing mood. We got washed up, dressed and out the door for our stroller ride. He was on the nasal oxygen with saturation's at 99 to 100. Maybe the room had some kryptonite in it yesterday because Tucker is superman again today. He is all over his bed. We have been up since 4 a.m. and it is now after 11 (still off of the mask by the way) and he hasn't gone down for his morning nap. We now have to make sure the side rails are all the way up with the canopy side down when we are away from the bed because he is now pulling himself up and standing on the bed along side the rails.

Look out people, superman is in the building!!

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