Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a little update. Tucker is going on 5 hours off the mask. He is asleep. He had a long night of a lot of awake time. They got the new pic line in his right arm and the old one out of the left. His heart rate is in the 100’s, blood pressures are GREAT, O2’s are high 90’s and we have blood return from the new line, so no more sticks for awhile…..YEAH! The dex is down to .02, which will be turned the rest of the way off tonight or tomorrow. Labs came back great…everything heading in the right direction. They are weaning the diuretics. They will watch his humanicrit, which is what makes his blood/red blood cells, it is a little lower because of the blood draws they have been doing but they wont have to take as many again now that we are doing so well. (might end up with a transfusion at some point but usually that happens when we get down below 35)

The attending was in the room when I talked to Beth, our nurse today. They said that it might be good to get Tucker in the stroller and go for a walk down the hall. I think they will let him drink again today as well. He choked on the apple juice yesterday so they were reluctant to let him drink until he gains more strength, but I told her he has his sippy cup and even at home he chokes on apple juice. So they will try something else in the cup, maybe the Pediasure since it is a little thicker. No straws for now.

SO….that is what I know. I think daddy is down getting a nap, a well deserved nap. No one is making a sound near Tucker or his room…..Sleep is good!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going so well!

Anonymous said...

We thank the Good Lord!! I am so happy for the great progress, and will keep praying for Tucker, Todd,Karen,Hunter and the rest of the family. I love you guys and I really admire your stamina, and your faith. Keep up the Great Work. Love, Mary Ellen