Thursday, August 13, 2009

From KC....

Hey everyone! Hunter and I made it to KC. I miss my boys terribly...I talk to Todd often and Tucker is doing great. I am sure Alisha will post today again on progress. I do know they put a new pic line in Tucker, on the other arm last night. The one in his left arm is over 20 days old. I know they dopamine is off, that is his blood pressure medicine and that we only have .4 of the dex drip left to be turned off. I know, as of last night, the plan was to keep him off the mask all day today. I called to talk to the nurse first thing this morning and Tuck had been awake since 3am again. His schedule is really messed up internally.

Hunter and I mowed the yard last night and swept out the garage. The van wont start, dead battery. Of all the vehicles I thought it would be the old Honda that would not start..but it is doing great. We got the cold shoulder from the dogs but they are coming around. Tonight is orientation for her and then she has a babysitting job with a neighbor. We got school supplies last night so she could put it all in her locker tonight....I remember those days of getting supplies and putting them ever so neatly in my backpack for first day. It is very exciting times!!!

Continue to keep us close to your heart. You ALL, every single one, have made this so much easier on us...we are so very blessed to have such great FAMILY!!!! and yes, every single one of you are family!!


Lacey said...

Glad you made it home and glad Tucker is doing good. Keep it up.

Lacey said...

Me again, I just saw that he has HLHS. Wow, I had no idea. I've never seen a DS with that. Truly one of a kind.