Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's just me....

I am so tired….and not sure why unless the last few months have finally caught up and taken hold of me.

Let me just fill you in on a few things….you know already that the windows leaked in the kitchen. My dad caulked them, it didn’t have enough time to dry so the rain washed it all out…however it didn’t leak during that time. SO, caulked them again during the 24 hours of no rain to see if we had enough time to let it dry and have it stay. The dishwasher leaked when I started it the other day for the first time. The Honda died on me yesterday on my way home from work, it was towed. Then I got home and the frig in the garage was not working, water everywhere. Thawing out….. OH yeah, and the van, needed the new battery. Nothing like falling apart. I am thankful though, that our good fortune is in Boston where Tucker continues to do great!!! (and daddy is taking great care)


Anonymous said...

Hi mommy, it's Tucker. Dad is taking a nap now and he doesn't know I am on the computer. I want you to know I have been taking good care of him while you have been gone. I miss you but you are where you need to be right now, cause sissy needs you too, so don't you worry, daddy and I are doing great. I can't wait to see you next week, but don't you be all sad cause we won't be here much longer. I better go for now, he is starting to wake up. Daddy and I love you lots and lots!!

kimk said...

Yeah Tucker is right! Dont you worry, You are so tired and need a little TLC for yourself.
Just remember Tucker is better and you are right as long as all your blessings stay in Boston, that is ok...before long, your good fortune (ie Tucker) will be back in KC and everything will get better and better!!

Trisha said...

WOW!! I'm so bummed I'm missing the little politician! Todd, you are doing incredible with him. I don't care what Karen says.... You are a great Dad! (WINK WINK)
Keep the good news coming.
Karen, I don't know what to say.... maybe you should try to get out of bed on another side.
I miss yous so much!!!
It's good to be home though... I've been overwhelmed with funeral preparations and am ready to relax now. I sat down and watched part of a movie tonight, maybe tomorrow I'll get a full one.

I'll try to call tomorrow... if not you can call me.

Love ya more!