Sunday, August 09, 2009

Early morning?...late night?

I dont know which one it is. Tucker did sleep from about 9 until 330am, that is an hour and a half later than last night. He has been up ever since. So today will be much like yesterday in that he will sleep this morning-I HOPE-and then we will have to wake him during the day at times to try to stimulate him. He did so good yesterday ... I pray today is just as good. New nurse...already asking if he looks uncomfortable in the bed (trying to get him to be out , thinking about drugs to add on I am sure) Then she tells me to turn off the t.v that he watches, too stimulating for him, he was trying to fall I did, instead of doing my "mommy to bitch" routine....then not 1 minute later Tucker is lifting his head, making noise under the mask, pointing at what? THE TV!!! So I turned it back on. I am so ready to be out of the ICU! Every nurse is different but most want to sedate and make the kids sleep so they dont have to deal with them----that is my opinion and the reason I stay in the room most days so I can entertain Tucker and keep the drugs at bay. I know that is a terrible thing to think right? Maybe that isnt true but that is what it seems to me....always asking if he is doing "normal" things or is this something different, does he look agitated..I will let you know when he needs additional drugs. I have been here day in and out watching him...I will let you know! And until then stick to the assigned stuff and nothing else!!!!!

Hunter and I leave tomorrow. It has come time to start tag teaming the Boston time. I will go and get Hunter ready for school and work, then if Tucker isnt out yet, I will come back out and Todd will go home for a while. This is how it will go until we are out of Boston altogether. I am sure it wont be another month total...but you just never know. I am upset about leaving but excited to be home in my bed!

I have some great video of Tucker giving hugs yesterday that I will download later. Now..I am going to rest. I just got Tucker to sleep so I have to do the sanity is trying to leave me this morning and it wont take much for it to escape me right now.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I am glad you have been sticking to the nurses and telling them how it is. And coming home will be good for a bit too.

Can't wait to see the videos and be safe tmrw.

kimk said...

thats a great plan!
sleep when Tucker sleeps, entertain him when he is awake and ask for nurses that know him!
Are you taking notes, Todd? soon full time daddy duty (which might include cleaning up some dooty too!) begins and I know you will do great! Tucker will love his one on one daddy time. Soak it up, because one day he will be a grown man and not need daddy so much and you will remember these days in Boston when you where everything thing to him and you helped him get better and better and better!
Here's to another great day!