Monday, August 24, 2009

Darn It!!

No going to the floor today, darn it!! I really expected to have to pack up all our things and move to 8 East. We aren't going due to any problems, they just want him to be off of the bipap one more night and while we wait for that, they can fine tune some of his meds and other things prior to leaving. I think it's because Tucker has really gotten to them and they just don't want this loving little boy to leave that place in their hearts they have made for him.

We had a great day and night. He had a really good (needed) stool over the night. Thank goodness for the nurses. She didn't even wake me, she just cleaned it up and put him back to sleep. Wonder if any of them would like to live with us for a while and take care of those things for us? (wouldn't that be wonderful?)

We had a swallow study to determine if he is swallowing wrong and the nurse thought he was, so we will have a swallow study done on Wednesday to find out what's going on. Physical therapy has been by and the therapist said he is looking so strong. He also pulled out his NJ tube so we had to put a NG tube in and now we are getting an Xray to make sure it is o.k. before starting up his feeds.

I hope to have him in his room in 8 East prior to Karen arriving and that will meet my goal of having him there before she arrived.


kimk said...

Can keep a good man down! Look at him pulling to stand up!
its ok if he isnt in 8 east by noon tomorrow...Karen is going to be so happy to see you guys no matter what the room, and it wont be long, Tucker Time!

Sharon said...

Love the picture of sweet Tucker! Continue to think of you and hope he's feeling better each day.