Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a day.....(a little bad language to follow)

Today didn't start off good for me, or Tucker today. I woke up around 5 to someone trying (yet again) to get an iv in Tuck.....another fishing expedition. When I say fishing expedition, I mean it. The needle is in the arm and they are pulling it out to stick it back in, moving it from side to side, pulling it out and pushing it more to the left or right,,,,FISHING!!!! I got up, asked why....he had a fever and they needed to get blood cultures. "He had coils in the cath lab done just a few hours ago and fevers are going to happen after that. " Please stop, use one of the 3 ports that have access already.!!!!!! I lay down, fall back to sleep to wake up to someone else "looking" for a spot to try again for an iv...... OK, enough!!! I found the doctors and had a word. I know the nurse was doing as she was told --by the dumb ass that told her to do it---but the --dumb ass-- that told her too should have known, or put two and two together, as I DID, that fevers occur after coiling. Shouldn't they have known that, or thought of that instead of jumping right to infection. Not to mention we are already on antibiotics.....HELLO!!

So I talk to the doctors and tell them to STOP!!!! Tucker had a rough day yesterday. He came back from cath with ivs in 3 of his 4 limbs, then they paralyze him again to poke and scrape his eyes, dilate them....and now you are trying to poke him again! He is done, I am done... this all before 8am.

So, then another NEW nurse that has never had Tucker. YUP, can you believe it. So, I am not even sure what time it was, not long after and Dr Del nido comes in to say the chest x-ray looks better today that he thought the coils they did do would make a difference. Tucker is awake and starting to become MORE awake. He grabs the vent tube and starts pulling it out....luckily Del nido was close and grabbed it. Long story short....Tucker's dex drip (sedation drug) was not hooked up and was leaking on to the bed...I found it there. Tucker was awake and PISSED off! The nurse is trying to hold him down, a NO we had to try to recapture him once again. Got him plugged back in the drip, gave him 7 mils of versed and some choral hydrate and after 50 minutes he finally hit the wall and was out until 7pm tonight.

This was our day.....and I am not even going to talk about the respiratory therapist that did the suctioning today. UGH...I will say, she asked me to help her hold things as she did her job..she needed extra hands she said! ( can you just say, I was going to kill someone)

I hope, for Todd's sanity, that I have a different nurse tomorrow. He hates it when I am not comfortable with what is going on.....but today, even he was not sure of the care that was being given. Our boy is too precious and too sensitive to change for someone to come in and make careless mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen & Todd, I wm praying for you and I asked God to help you to be vigilant, there are people whe are not as careful as should be and I ask God to watch over Tucker and I know he is, God really is faithful. It is very hard to understand why little ones have to go through these things, but We just have to trust That God is in control and will bring Tucker through this. I hope someday I get to meet him face to face. He looks so precious, and I know he is. I know His family are all anxious to have hime home again and being the kid he should be able to be. I love you all and will continue to pray every time I think of you. Love, Mary Ellen

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

What a sh*tty day. :( Poor kid is going to be strong enough to bulldoze a few dozen doctors when he gets out of there. :) He will never let another needle near him. I have goosebumps just reading about all of those pokes.

It's good to see that the chest was a little better, that's great news in fact. Hopefully this will minimize the suctioning?? Nurses are just doing their job, but never be afraid to step up to them. I am proud of you for taking such good care of Tucker in the midst of all of those "professionals".

Miss you guys and hope you are home soon.

BTW, I KNOW you are a busy momma these days, but if you have time, check in on Stellan and MckMamma. Stellan may be headed to BCH a lot sooner than they ever expected. He's in the PICU now but that could change at any moment. I think this is only more proof that Tucker is in the best place possible. Even with those few not-so-god nurses, he's getting care from the best doctors.


kimk said...

Alicia is right, even though there are nurses on top of things and nurses who arent, and mistakes are made, Tucker is in the best possible hospital. His drs are trying to take care of him the best. I am praying that Tucker gets a good nurse today, one that knows him and you and knows what works best for Superman!
Prayers the coiling is doing its job and that xray looked good again this am...prayers for no fever, prayers for IVs to stay good, prayers for controled sedation, prayers for comfort and laughter for you guys today.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen~ It's Jessica Melville...As much as you know what everyone tells you...tuckers nurses CANNOT make mistakes! You are so good in knowing what you know and you are his best advocate. I will come down there and beat them up for you though hehe. Often times the doctors and nurses are so strict to following protocol, that they miss the actual patient and the common sense involved in treating some of the issues. That's your job and the toughest one. Do you like Dr. Marx? Jaylin had him a couple of times and we discontinued him He was too slow and pessamistic for me...Please call me if you want to vent or need anything!