Sunday, July 26, 2009

Keeping our eyes on the PRIZE....

If you will go to the far right side of this blog, almost to the bottom of the page, under Blog Archives, go to June 2009(which is right under July at the top) and scroll to the June 18th the video. THIS is why we are here.....our Prize!!!! I went through a bunch of old photos and videos of Tucker, boy I cant wait to hold him and watch him dance again.....but we will see these things again and THAT is what I need to focus on and remember. He is the joy in our lives and everyone he touches..... he puts a smile on my face and lightens my heart.

Karen, did you mean this sweet and stunning little dancing video. hee hee! I thought I'd add it to your post so that we could all enjoy it again. -Alisha



Izzy 'N Emmy said...

*hugs* Perfect.

Anonymous said...

His laugh just made me cry. I continue to pray for Tucker and add him to as many prayer chains as I can find. We look forward to the day he can dance with us again at school! =)

Keep your head high! =)

Lynn said...

He is so cute! That little boy has some rhythm!

Michele Hoenig said...

Love it! What a ham! I hope to see his dance in person before you head home!

Hope you are all having a good day