Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tucker time...whether it needs to faster or slower than normal...Tucker time

OK, so today has been another "Tucker" day. His time, right? Well, Tucker time is faster than the "doctor" time. Tucker was awake and "crazy" for about 2 hours and fifteen minutes. After methadone, morphine, adavan and another doze of adavan....he FINALLY went down. These were increased doses from yesterdays doses. I made sure the doctors know I am very concerned that they keep giving more and more drugs to keep him sedated. THE only reason he is being sedated is because he still has the breathing tube....which is the reason Tucker is so restless. So we are in a catch 22....not to take it out too soon but to keep drugging him with more and more drugs makes it to where he cannot wake enough to give the breaths he needs.

SO, a no no was done. One of the doctors (John) came in and turned off the ventilator and just gave pressure support. Our respiratory therapist is really pushing them to go ahead and extibate because he is so agitated when awake. He did great, did need the pressure support but again think that is because he is so snockered now that he finally went down that he isn't breathing deep enough. This wont be the case if and when we can raise some of the sedation medicine.

SO, extibation.......possibly very soon instead of later in the week.....Tucker time.

It is funny because we have a doc that is a pessimist, told us to plan on being here all summer...this was last week when we still hadn't come off paralytic. He came back from his LONG holiday weekend and we were off. At rounds on Monday morning I smirked and said "Tucker doesn't want to be here all summer". He just laughed. He made another comment during these rounds that it will take a while, slow and steady to get Tucker off the vent....at which he looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled "we will see" I said. Man how I would love for Tucker make that doctor eat his words again. (but only if it is what Tucker wants and is ready for, don't want to do anything that will hinder or make us take steps back or make us re-intibate) Boy would I love to tell that Doctor that he shouldn't lump my son in with his pestimistic ways....dont underestimate him...he is much to strong and stubborn... he has his own agenda.......he flies with Superman dont you know!!!!

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