Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Awake time.....WOW

OK, so when Tucker wakes from sedation...watch out!! He is a bucking bronco that cannot be tamed. Again the cloralhydrate was used last night to put him out.....

Plans for today are, weaing down the vent. We will wean down 2 notches each day and look for extabation around Friday. This will allow Tuck to be much more comfy, be able to be awake and wean the sedation off. They will start feeding him more through the belly and take the TPN (iv nutrition) away. His central IV is day 8 so the nurses have to wear protective gear...it is just a precaution. The longer IV's are in the more they become infection prone. Went up on the methodone and the adavan again, he just isnt staying sedated. Now he gets 2.4 every two hours of each, alternating. Plus he is on a constant drip of dex, also a sedation drug.

So we have a drug addict on my hand and he needs more and more to satisfy his needs.....and getting him off will be ever so slow.


kimk said...

What good news! praying that you start to see Tucker shine thru now and then, at least he calms down and the little bucking bronco relaxes a bit!!
prayers that the central line can come out ASAP!!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

So great to see the progress being made and plans are moving forward. Have a good day today!

Brandie said...

thanks so much for the letter..:) I am so glad he is doing better..always in my prayers and thoughts..:)

have a wonderful week :) send him xoxo

The Via's :)