Sunday, July 05, 2009

A picture to tide you over.....

It is nice to see the tubes gone from the chest. Tomorrow they will attempt to lay off some of the sedation and work on weaning the ventilator. It usually takes, they say, 3 days to get off the vent and much longer to get off all the drugs he is on. He will go through withdrawl as most are narcotics. (and when I say alot, I mean ALOT!!!) He has had two open hearts before and both with the same drugs so it took more of them each time.....ALOT of them.
We have an awesome nurse tonight who has been our nurse several nights I will get good rest again tonight.
Keep the prayers coming....they are definately being heard.


Unknown said...

It's so great to see more of Tucker and less equipment! Glad to know he is moving right along!

kimk said...

he really looks good!
Nick and I were just saying how much he looks like Will, even in this picture!
Im glad you have a nurse you feel good with, peaceful rest to all of you, tomorrow may be a busy day!
As always, many, many prayers.
xoxoxo Nick, Kim and kids!

Anonymous said...

It is so GREAT to read your posts, I can just hear your spirit being lifted -- and mine is too! This is all so awesome. I am so happy for all of you....just when you think God is not paying attention to us...He shows up..he is always right on time, just not our time. Yea!!!!!! I will still be praying, but this is awesome news!


Michele Hoenig said...

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know we're still praying for Tuck! Glad you are finally getting some sunshine here in Boston. I bet ya thought you landed in Seattle for a while, eh? Hoping to visit you this weekend if you are up for it!
Glad Tucker is progressing so well. Love that he's getting rid of more and more wires each day! Yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it is KIM, JEFF and LEANNE! We were just thinking about you all and miss you guys. Big hugs and kisses!