Monday, July 06, 2009

Hello everyone...

Yet another quiet day with little bits of excitement in between. Tucker rests well once you get him down....and it is taking a lot to get him down. He fights the ventilator pretty hard when he is awake, tried to sit up almost. I still don't think he knows what he is doing, he still has wild eyes but I think he hears me and we definitely get a reaction. He loves puts him out so darn quick but it contains alcohol and they don't want to use it goes down the feeding tube in his nose. It is truly amazing how fast it puts him out. It is a sleeping medication, like on the level of NyQuil and since he has never had it before...WOW. You would think it would have no effect since he is on the hard stuff ....but it does the trick. We have changed dressings, we can talk in normal voices, I can touch whatever you want..he is out...and will be for a good 10 hours. On a very small dose.

We have had two small stools....which is another great thing. That means the bowels and gut are working and ready to start being used more than they are. Also, the heart pacer was turned off. His heart is finally in "sync" and can be doing its own pacing. His heart rate is about 100-120. Oxygen is 98-100 PERCENT!!!! His blood pressure runs 60's over 30's and can get as high as 70's when excited or agitated.

I have decorated the room with all the pictures from Tucker's school...they each made him a picture with a little note. I had time to laminate them before we left which is nice so the tape doesn't tear them up, then I can put them in his scrapbook of his "whole heart journey".

Everyone loves the I heart Tucker t-shirts. (we wear one every day) We have had so many ask "who is Tuckah"...ya know that good ol Boston accent. I think everyone in the CICU now knows who Tuckah is and how very special he is to a WHOLE lot of people.


Michele Hoenig said...

Tuckah is WICKED special!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are home before we get to Boston on the 19th. Jack's surgery is scheduled for the 23rd. Glad to hear progress is being made with Tucker! Keep up the good work! Bridget Robertson mom to Jack (

Cammie Heflin said...

That chloralhydrate was a life saver for Addy after colostomy closure surgery. She would be out immediately too!