Saturday, July 11, 2009

and so it goes....

The balance of very fragile. From overload to too dry in 2 seconds.

Today didn't stay quiet as we had hoped. Tucker decided to have another episode, this time we believe it to be attributed to him being TOO DRY......we had great pee over the past few days and it very quickly turned on us. The only good thing that came of it is that we were taken off the high frequency ventilator and put back on the other one. He is doing well after his blood transfusion and some pushed i.v. fluids. So, as we can all predict now, he will have a wet x-ray once again in the morning. Probably not as bad as the last episode because he was too dry to start but wet nonetheless.

We had him blessed again tonight. It was awesome to hear them say "there are so many prayers out there for him. The love that people have for Tucker, even strangers, Heavenly Father knows." I am a firm believer in the power of the Priesthood and healing of the sick. Tucker is a true testament of that healing power.

Please continue to keep Tucker in your prayers. Thank you everyone again, I cannot say thank you enough, for taking Tucker and our family into your hearts and homes.


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Still praying for Tucker -- I know you all are completely and toatally exhausted -- when you do get to take Tucker home, and believe that you will, you will look back and wonder how you made it through...of course we know it is by the grace of God. It IS a slow slow process, one in which you cannot quite prepare yourself for....I know it is discouraging, but some of the things that Tucker is having problems with is what Ellis Anne had problems with too...some were the same and some were just takes time and a tremendous amount of tweaking...easy for me to say, and I know that, but just know that we are praying...and by the way, thank you for the pictures of Tucker....he is SUPER CUTE -- I can see why you cannot wait to get to hug and squeeze him is coming!!!!!!


Stephanie (Ellis Anne's Mommy)

Brandie said...

we love you Bryant's :)

ginncjb said...

Have been following Tucker's progress after seeing a post on Melinda Renno's Facebook page. My husband, Stan, graduated with Todd. Believe that you have been in our prayers. Anything else I might say will seem totally inadequate, so hopefully that is enough.

Best wishes to all of you...
Carla Brown