Wednesday, June 24, 2009

19 Hours Until Surgery

Tucker has been cleared through pre-surgical testing and will undergo the surgery we have all been waiting for. Tucker and Karen have been in Boston since Sunday night and have underwent 3 days worth of testing. Every test you can imagine along with blood-work has been performed to ensure Tucker was a match. (Daddy and Sisters are there too.)

Tucker is a perfect match. He's on the surgery schedule for Noon tmrw, Thursday.

I have asked before but I am asking again, please keep Tucker and his family in your thoughts. Send him good vibes, prayers, happy thoughts, and well wishes.

Thursday will be a hard and long day for Tucker and his family. If you would like to send them a message or a special prayer, do so by leaving a comment or emailing me at

I will be able to send them directly to the Bryant's through out the day.

I will be at hand to update as news becomes available. You can check here or over at The Bryant Family News or I "Heart" Tucker. I'll also be Tweeting any small updates, marked #Tucker. You can follow me (Alisha) on Twitter.


We "Heart" you and your family Tucker.

Godspeed Little Man

(Izzy 'N Emmy)


kimk said...

Heavenly Father,
Hold sweet Tucker in your arms, give his beautiful heart strength. We thank you so much for Tucker, he will be a glory to You for all you have done for him. Guide his surgeons hands and minds. Give his entire medical team your wisdom. Protect his entire body from complications, or infections, through out his entire recovery. Bring him safely home with his family. Be with his family give them your peace! In Jesus name we pray. Amen

My name is Sarah said...

We are so thinking of Tucker and praying everything goes as expected. Hang in there little man.