Tuesday, May 05, 2009


WOW…what a difference a routine makes. Tucker went to school yesterday and to daycare after that. He did really well, was in a good mood, went right to sleep at nap time, drank-ate—just perfect little man. Last night was pretty much the same, he ate, drank several glasses of chocolate milk, and was only up ONCE during the night. We got a drink and went right back to sleep, after a little rocking action,,,,and to bed in his own bed. Can you say OMG…..really? Is it a fluke? Will it happen two nights in a row? We will see. He was sent to school again today, tired and not very happy when he got on the bus but teach says he is doing fine. He comes home after school today to Daddy, until I get home, so hopefully he will take his normal nap time and we will be on our road to NORMALITY once again.

I had always heard that routine is a big part of kiddos with Down syndrome. They want to know what to expect and what is expected of them…..We have never really had a routine, I didn’t think…..but even the smallest things they get used to, any kid for that matter. Hunter was the same way. You didn’t dare change something up on her and expect it to be OK. I remember one time her dad went to get her from school instead of me and she lost it….he wasn’t supposed to be there, she wasn’t going with him, where was mom…..on and on. I have always been a planner and she gets it from me. Calendars, lists, who is going to do what, when….I like to know what is coming and how I am going to handle and juggle it all. I figure my son will be much the same way.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I am so glad to see he did better last night. It will only get better from here.