Sunday, May 03, 2009

Long weekend....

Ok, so Hunter had her birthday party Friday night. It turned out great. I think everyone had an enjoyable time. We had "movie night" as the theme and gave out Oscar awards for the movies that each guest was featured in. They walked down the red carpet, were asked questions by the press, photos everywhere. They gave acceptance speeches and had icecream cake.

Tucker still isnt sleeping well. I think it is trauma more than hurt. IF he is with Todd and I in bed he is fine, he will wake up to feel one of us and he goes back to sleep. IF he is in his bed, a 20 minute cry ensues. It is like he is feeling like he is left alone or possibly remembering waking up from the surgery. I called his Pediatrician and she thought all the signs pointed to that as well. Her suggestion was get him back into his routine as soon as we can and reassure him. So, I might send him to school tomorrow. We are off pain meds, he only has 2 steri strips left to fall off.....I am still mulling it over.

Other than that,,,,,same ol same around here. Tucker got up, had a cookie and some popcorn for breakfast....still fighting with the fluids but is getting better. He has had a wet diaper already today so that is one more than yesterday. I am walking around in a daze, lack of sleep and a serious headache...but trying to get woke up and headed in the right direction=which is cleaning this house and accomplishing something today.

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