Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little outside time .....

I took Tuck out on the deck today, it was 80 right. We stayed about 10 minutes while I put the BBQ on the grill. He likes the dogs, when they cannot get to him....other than that he doesnt care much about them. He loves to slide, your arms get tired after a while putting him up on top but the smile after is well worth it. He wanted down in the grass so badly, but Lucky and Harley were right there to meet him at the gate, so we stayed on the deck. Soon the trampoline will be up and we will have to jump every time we go outside....YEAH!!! COME ON SUMMER.

We spent the weekend with Brett and Grandma Lucy. We worked on house stuff for Grandma and saw Brett in between. Fresh from boot camp he had lots of friends to catch up with so we didnt get to see a whole lot of him but he looks good.

Tucker climbed on the ladder the entire time. We had to take it down and put it away finally because we couldnt keep him off of it. A few of these pictures show just how "not scared" he is. My dare devil..

The middle picture is of Tucker where my old slippers. He thought it so funny to get them on and walk in them, only to "fake" fall. He giggled so hard at it.....ahhhh, finding pleasure in the very smallest things. A giggle, a giggle that is so deep and real....tears sting the eyes just listening.


Brandie said...

Well Tucker and Luke would have fun climbing on everything together :) that is Luke's new thing is to climb. He sure looks good :) I am so proud of him :)

Honey Mommy said...

Hooray for summer is right! We are going to have so much fun playing outside!