Friday, May 08, 2009

Getting nervous....

OK, so airline tickets are bought for Boston trip. The room is booked.....and we are 44 days away from heart surgery!

Tucker is recovering from his tonsil surgery still, seems to get tired very easily but completely understandable...we all take a little longer getting back to normal when we are sick let alone have a surgery.

Still need some pictures of our "fans" . I have had ONLY 4 sent to me. Please take a picture and send it with a little message for Tuck man. My banner is lacking the "WOW" effect so far. Again my email is (come on family.....send me your pictures)

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kimk said...

I know, its so hard. I ran myself down by cleaning and preparing, looking back I wish i had just spent more time with Will and the other kids and Nick, because the house will be fine, but spending quiet time all together will be what you miss, on those long boring days far from home.
praying and praying for Tucker!!