Friday, April 24, 2009

Tucker Is Out Of Surgery, Update #2

Tucker's mommy just called and he is out of surgery. He has been sent to the PICU for his recovery and then should be moved to another room at some point this evening. The PICU will monitor all of his vitals and watch him closely as he comes out of anesthesia. He was slowly coming out of it when I talked to Karen while Daddy was rocking him.

I'll try to be specific on the details but I am sure Karen can be more in depth when she returns home.

The g-tube site was successfully stitched. There were 5 layers that needed to be stitched and then the 6th, outer most layer, has steri strips. It is vital that a close watch is kept on the tummy site as the doctors have warned infection can easily begin.

As for his tonsils and adnoids, that part of the surgery went good as well. It is my understanding that not all of his adnoids were able to be removed. The lower most portion of the adnoids had to be left in or else there would be complications later, such as when swallowing food would inadvertanly come back up through his nose. I do not believe there was any concern with some of the adnoids being left in though.

So, all is well. Tucker is with his mommy and daddy in the PICU. Once they are moved to another room and more updates are available, I should be hearing from them.

-Alisha from over at Izzy 'N Emmy

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Megan said...

Thanks for the update. Glad he is doing well.
Love and Prayers