Monday, April 06, 2009


Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. They father in there, I believe it was the father, put Windex on everything. That was his solution.....amazing as it may seem Windex is taking the wax off my hardwood floor. It is a special kind, with no ammonia,there is a name for it and I cannot remember it now but that and a no scratch sponge. I have the hallway into the house and up to the kitchen done. I think there may be a few spots I have to go over again, kinda sticky still but I am sooo impressed. Good thing for the Internet and google...and good friends who help solve our problems. (thank you Darla)

Yup it is a hands and knees project and my wrists will be killing me in the morning, my fingers will be swollen and it will be hard to make a fist...but all worth it , of course. Now just the entire kitchen and eat in area left....HEE HEE. And YES, it will be done before the Easter weekend is up. (thats just me..who I am)

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