Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend...nothing to review really

Tuck was sick, still with a fever and terrible coughing. Mickey button site is back to GROSS again, the path of least resistance is through that hole and with coughing, what did look good now is back to yucky. IF we can get this cough under control I think it will start to close and look better once again. Keep him in your prayers please.

I have attached a small video of Tuck using his zipper....he is learning so much and growing up to have quite the little personality. I know the video is short but I have to work quickly with him.


Karinsky said...

We are the Bryant from Mass. and Fl. I came across your your blog today and would like to get in touch to see if there would be anything we could do for your family. I don't see contact informaiton for you, so please email me at Karen Bryant

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Great job on the zipper! Hope he's feeling better soon.

Brandie said...

We have had that nasty cough as well..have you tried running the humidifier all night long and all day long??