Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh, what a cutie!!

Lets see...just a few notes. Got Tuck on xopenex tonight...first breathing treatment down. WHAT A FEAT. I cradled him while Todd held the nose piece in place...the screaming did some good to get it into his lungs....he sounds better already. We have a email into cardiology about being seen pulmonary. IF Tucker's lungs need attention then we need to know that now, not later when too much damage is done. ENT called and has a tentative date of April 3rd, but has to look at the schedule again due to the stitching of the belly...she wasnt sure a combo surgery could be done in the time slot she booked us in...so that is not in stone.

My OCD kicked into high gear this weekend...I have to tell on myself. I did and redid my hardwood floors, they still dont look right or perfect. I guess because the rest of my life I cannot control is so out of control I felt I needed to have something go right and be perfect....well I couldnt even get that done right...I redid them again tonight and YUP they still arent to my liking. I had been doing really well too, not being too overly "neat" or overly "in control". I love to clean and to see the end result, again something I can predict and know the outcome of.

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Anonymous said...

that makes perfect sense...
and yes what a cutie!! hope he is feeling better!