Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend review...

We attended Will's birthday party this weekend. What a great time. I got to meet Tina and Anna from Nebraska, they too have been to see Dr Del Nido in Boston to fix Anna's heart. It was amazing to see how pink these two were, pink cheeks, pink hands....I could have stayed and talked, asked questions all day long. Tucker stayed with Grandma Tucker just because I didn't want any extra exposure than necessary with us still recovering. We are still doing the breathing treatments that really seem to help. The mickey button site is still leaking and has some good and bad days, in way of how it looks. One day it will look great, the next terrible again.

OK.....I am posting these pictures and you have to tell me....doesn't Will resemble Tuck. Did you have to take a double take? That is WILL with Hunter in these pictures...not Tuck. He is so sweet, and his mannerisms are so much as Tuckers were at that age. He just turned 2 yo!! I took him our tunnel that Tuck has pretty much outgrown and I think it was a hit. I am definitely glad to hand it down that is for sure.

Thank you Will and Kim for inviting us,,,,the food was wonderful and the company even better.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you guys could come!!
Will loves the tunnel (so do the others!!) Thank You!! and the clothes too!!