Sunday, March 22, 2009

Latest and GRRRReatest!!

Things Tucker is now doing:

1.) He knows that a can opener is used to open cans, just not sure how it works.

2.) That when playing with the farm, the house and Noah's Ark animals that they have to be front facing to walk. Even if he picks them up wrong he adjusts them to the correct position.

3.) He has learned that cars can be ran up and down the walls in the house (darn it, I was hoping he would never learn that)

4.) He has learned to say OUCH.

5.) He can take the shapes for the magna doodle with his pincer grasp and drop them and pick them up repeatedly to make the shape on the screen.

6.) He can put the pegs in the foam peg board now, with very little assistance and sometimes no help.

7.) He will run a car up your arm or make an animal walk up your arm and on your head playing.

8.) He will point to count the "cookies " on a plate when we get to that part in the book, patting the book at the different cookies while we count them. (We used to have to point for him.)

9.) He has learned to take his shirt off....and his coat on.
10.) He can balance and hold up one leg while holding on to something. He can also stomp his feet now.
He is growing soooo....and learning so many fun things. I am very proud of our little man. It is in the little things that we find out greatest happiness.

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Zachery&Allie*Mommy said...

My name is Candi, I connected to your site from Amy Boeckman's I have two children with Down Syndrome and Cri du Chat Syndrome, my son was in the NICU with Amy's son Kaden, Zachery is 4, and my daughter Allie is going to be 3 in a few weeks. Your son is very handsome. Neither of my kids walk or talk and they both have mickey buttons, Zachery has had 6surgeries, and has a trach..which I don't know if we will ever get rid of it:( my daughter has just had 2 surgeries so far, but I know tonsils diffiently in my son has to come out before the trach is ever thoguht about. I just have to say, I live in a town, where my kids seem to be the only one that have diabilites, and it's kinda lonley to have no one to talk to about your kids, it's almost like yes we as a family know they have these problems, but we don't socialize with other families who go through the same things we do, I hope that your son is doing well and hope his surgery goes well I was reading about ENT well Zach has to get his tonsils out and also his testicles have never dropped so they actually want to do a combo..but I don't want my poor boy to have all that pain. We actually go Tuesday the 24th to the surgery clinc for a bigger mickeybutton and a consultation on the orceopex?? it seems that all we do is going to appt. latley I have canceld alot with the theory if he ain't sick and he is doing well I want to stay away from them!!! I have a question is your son sick alot with respitory?? It seems like everytime I turn around they are sick, well I'm could proably talk all night with questions