Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Few things to be updated on...

OK, so we have an appointment with Tuck's pediatrician tomorrow. He is still running a fever and the cough is not getting any better. I called PAT today and asked the gal we saw yesterday what she thought about his breath sounds. She said now that he has a fever she would definitely take him in for an x-ray to ensure it isn't lungs. Tuck is so hard to tell if it is just airway or if it is lungs. SO far each time we thought maybe it was something in the lungs, it was clear. I hope it turns out that way again. So we go there at 315. Then , of course, I spoke too soon about the belly site. It is looking better but we have a "crater" effect going on....which I think is not good. I am sure we will see wound care again tomorrow as well. I am to call ENT tomorrow after our appointment with our pediatrician to let them know exactly what it is we have to determine if we have to wait longer than 3 weeks to reschedule the tonsils.

I am going to leave you with some pictures of the Tuck man. One is him fast asleep on the living room floor surrounded by his favorite toys...he hasn't fallen asleep like that for a long time. (of course it was before we got to give him his meds and darn if we didn't have to wake him up to give them....the mickey was very convenient in that respect.)

The other picture is of him carrying around all of our lunch boxes; mine, his and Todd's. He gets into the cabinet and carries them around telling everyone "bye" "see ya". Then he takes them off, to do it all over again. I swear he kept himself entertained for a good 30 minutes the other day doing it.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Gosh, I hope Tucker isn't getting sick but I also hope that you guys can get all of these appointments completed. Surely they could move you up on the list or something. Do they know this kid is destined for a heart repair!! loL!

Anonymous said...

hope he is felling better...he looks like he is really zonked..and as always cute as a button!