Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NA NA NA NA, hey hey hey....goodbye

Saaaay GOODBYE Mickey button.....tomorrow we are having it removed. I am so darn excited not to have to worry about it leaking or being pulled out or popping while at school or away from more kid smelling of sour milk or having pudding come out around it. (I know TMI but it happens) We have been working on taking medicines by mouth, we still have some work.....but he will have to learn quickly now. hee hee

On another note, I got an email from Dr Del Nido today and he said the close time spand between the March 12th and April 13th date should be fine. He said we can relook at it , if need be after tonsil surgery. So....April 13th is still the date. I have my and Tucker's tickets booked and confirmed. The Miracle Miles program is taking care of our fares.....THANK YOU!!! I have Sheena and Hunters on hold and Todds was donated to us via by a very giving couple. I went ahead and put the girls tickets on hold so that we can keep the price and seats ..the public relations gal was willing to hold them until we knew for sure we were going. VERY VERY NICE.

OK, so now I am just jabbering and figuring things out in my mind as I type so I will stop. Have a great night.....

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