Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good morning..

Tuckers sight from the button is GROSS to say the least. He wiggles and fights changing it..if he would just lay still it would go so much quicker and be so much cleaner. As it is now I have to do things quickly or we have liquid coming from the hole. He has some bumps, I am assuming yeast from the antibiotic, all around where the gauze goes. He cant take a bath while we are wrapped up, just a sponge we smell of tummy contents. (I know TMI) I just hope it seals up somewhat so that we have less liquid and maybe I can open the bandages and let it get some air.

Other than that we are good. Tucker is saying more and more our vocabulary are: purple, red, yellow, blue. He will mimic, if he is wanting to, any word you ask him to say. It is in some way a form of that word, whether it is the first letter or something in between. He is definitely figuring out the word combinations and is much more vocal. OH yeah and the word Grandma, comes out clear as day. Used to be he said ma and put his hand at his chin, which is where the sign Grandma is. But last night he said it, it had a M instead of a G at the front but that definitely counts.

I am attending , for the very first time, an activity with the Congenital Heart Defect Foundation. I have been so wrapped up in life and active with activities for the Down Syndrome Guild that I just have never gone, meant to but never got there. The Guild has been great with support and information as we travel through our life with Tucker, however the most important part of Tucker is his heart. I hope to meet some wonderful people, maybe seek some advice or get advice on some things that maybe I don't know about. I am sure this group has many stories of lives that have touched them. I will know one person, Kim-Will's mom. Maybe I will come back with a whole lotta new friends....


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I hope Tucker's button spot looks better soon. Have fun today.

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I hope that Tuck's g-tube site clears up quickly. I HATE the smell of "tummy contents". Kaden's tubing will open sometimes and that smell just burns my nose.

I love the pictures of Tuck and his bear. Is he watching it on Noggin???, one of Kaden's favorite channels.