Friday, February 20, 2009

The 4-1-1

OK, lets see what is new? We did get our button out…happy dance is going on. They didn’t really want to do it, said Boston would probably appreciate the easiness of the button. I like the easiness of the button, however it is time to get rid of it. I reminded her that IF it is the slightest bit of red and we travel all the way to Boston, they could postpone and then we have wasted our money/flight and time. SO, we have it out. We did pretty well with it last night. I did get up to change the dressing last night about 3am, he was soaked and cold I am sure from the dampness. I really hope it closes quickly. A lot rides on it closing, or at least the skin around it healing enough to put some stitches in it at tonsil surgery…yup, they have scheduled a piggy back surgery so we can get the “layers” stitched up so that we are not still open in 8 weeks when we go to Boston. I guess that is common, it taking that long to close completely. I didn’t know it took 8 weeks or I would have done this a few weeks ago. BUT, here we are and hopefully it will heal well and fast.

Next on the list -- I finally got a call back from ENT and they are going to put him on a maintenance antibiotic. But get this, it is a higher dose than he is taking now for his ear infection. Why? Beats me. So maybe we can get to surgery this next time .

While we were at Mercy yesterday we had a blood drawl to check his thyroid levels. I should hear from them next week. Can you believe he was more upset with us messing with the tummy site than taking his blood? He was so good and the lady who did the drawl was AWESOME and hit it the first time. I wanted to hug her. (she wasn’t very friendly though…but I forgave her that because she did awesome with Tuck’s veins)

Have a great weekend !

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