Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Review...

Lets see, not a lot of anything other than home time. Todd worked all weekend, as usual, so it was me and the kids at home. We got out twice, once to hit Price Chopper for vacuum bags and once to Mercy to get more medicine,,both times the kids stayed in the car while I ran in.
Tucker still has the cough lingering and the doctor will not extend his antibiotic any longer.
What her suggestion was....KEEP HIM INSIDE UNTIL THE SURGERY!! HA...yeah right. We have kept him in for about 3 weeks, works schedules have been redone, missed and everything else. Not to mention after this surgery we will miss work for another week to 2 weeks helping him recover. SOOO, what we came up with. A script for hand sanitizer every 1/2 hour while at school and daycare to help keep virus from going from his hands to his face. I posted Germ-X throughout the house once again and we will do the same.

This surgery, getting rid of the tonsil/adenoids, will help him so much. His air way is so clogged and he turns so purple. We just have to be well to get it on time....just have to. I am afraid that when we go on the 16th as it is they will tell us it cannot happen. We will see.

OK, so in the mean time.....some new things on Tucker's list.
He now says "unt some" and points to what he wants.
He now pushes trucks... (see the video)
He has learned to take the diaper off...
He does simple commands....where are your shoes, get your book, go get your drink...
He will tell you "ssss" for yes and "NOOO" for no. He has also started to do the sign for yes while saying it.
He jumps....OK, so his version of jump which is to throw his hands up in the air really fast and then fall to the feet leave the floor, but he is learning the concept of what it means.
He dances, ALL THE TIME. He loves music, it is an incentive for him. He bends down and moves his arms while opening and closing his hands (so darn cute to watch)
He says "EEEE" for wee when you ask him if he is swimming while he takes his bath. He likes to flip around and lay on his belly in the bath, laying his head way back and kicking his feet. (again so darn cute to watch)


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Kaden has a horrible cough with major secretions. I started giving him zyrtec to see if it is winter allergies. I still can't tell. I have started putting vicks vapor rub on his feet at night and then socks on. It has helped him sleep through the night, but now I worry that it might be keeping him from coughing up that junk. I am going to call the doctor AGAIN...this has been going on since his too long.

I can't believe that the doctor wants him to use hand sanitizer every 1/2 hour. I heard that it is not good for young children to use so often, but then again...who am I. He looks so good in the video. I love the trucks...where did you get them? Sounds like he is growing up with all that he is learning to do.

I hope that things go as plan and that he can get in and get his surgery done and over with.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! What a sweet pea!