Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tis the Season....

I should never had said anything the last time Tucker was sick about it being the first ever ear infection..cause GUESS WHAT!!! #2 is here already. Took him to Mercy today because of a high fever and tugging at the ear. While we were there we were able to be seen also by a member of the Wound Team. Tucker button site is gross and raw. We have been fighting with it for months now and nothing works. She gave us some new stuff to put around it, it is grey and is micro-organism microbial wonder stuff I guess. Time will tell. It is kinda nice so far because it is thicker than what we were using and it has a slight adhesive that will help it stay in place. Cross your fingers it works. They also went ahead and put Tuck back on an reflux med to calm the tummy acids that leak around it. As soon as we get the raw skin healed we can go back to our old regime but we have to get it better first.
Today is Hunters first Basketball game. She made the A team and just might end up starting. YEAH! I am so nervous and excited for her. I have a sitter--amazing--that isn't family that is coming to the house. Man, I forgot what it is like to go places and be able to enjoy, not that I don't enjoy taking Tucker with us but some things are just better without. Basketball games are one of those things. He wants to play and run and gosh darn it he wants that ball that they have out on the court....not fair they get one and he doesn't. SOOO, I hired a sitter for a few hours. I am just lucky that I asked one of the gals from our daycare and she does sitting ...BONUS. She is wonderful and knows Tuck already so the transition and all his "quirks" are no big deal.
OH yeah, on a side note. I will be having an appoitment with a dentist from Mercy before we go for surgery in Jan. to see if we can combo and look at his teeth while he is under already...that way we dont have to go under again if there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Lets see, Tonsils/adnoids..eyes...teeth...and ear tubes, I think that should do it. A lot I know but the more we put Tuck under the more chances of something going wrong with the heart as we come out of it.....soooo combo surgery it is.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I hope Tucker is feeling better soon! Glad to see you can get all that stuff doen in one shot.

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Congratulations Hunter!!! Good luck with everything.

Looks like Tucker's surgeries are like Kadens...get it all in one if you can. I hope he starts feeling better soon. Thinking of you guys.