Monday, September 08, 2008

Birthday Correction

I dont know where my head is these days......Tuckers birthday is Thursday not Wednesday.

Sept 11th, 2005 my son came into the world with a Chief's game on the t.v. and a room filled with family. On that day he brought with him a love that I could never discribe. He was taken from me not 2 hours after his birth, taken to a hospital where he would be a resident for 4 months. Open heart surgery just one of the feats he was up against.
Today as I walked the halls of Childrens Mercy all the emotions of those months came rushing back. The pictures hanging in the hall, Hunter used to know the names of them by heart, naming them one by one as we passed them several times a day. The little boy whose picture hangs at the end of that hall, glasses on, that distintive Down Syndrome face, with a placard underneath noting his short life. The faces on people as they pass by, that numb, not seeing anything, stone face that I used to carry.
I cannot say enough how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for sending Tucker to me. I truly cannot imagine life without him. As we approach his 3rd birthday and the whole new world that brings along with it, I find myself remembering his birthday, 1:50 in the afternoon on that day. His screams and his almond shaped eyes, the little perfect face and hands..........Hello my little one, Happy Birthday. I love you Tucker Boy!!


Rachel Dominguez said...

Thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoy reading about my family!

Thanks for the info on Signing Times. I will click on the link you advised about to see more information. I think signing is great!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say your doing a great job honey. I often sit and think of the mountains we have climbed together. Our little man has been on this earth for 3 years now and in the beginning, we didn't think he would make 3 months. I love you with all my heart.